Nanocarbon Technology

GS Yuasa Corporation developed an advanced Nano-Carbon Lead Acid battery, the new SLR-1000.  The 2-volt Advanced Lead battery provides an unprecedented 5000 cycles at 70% depth of discharge!


Engineered for deep cycle aplications where high cycle life is require, such as energy storage and renewable energy applications. The battery uses Advanced Nano-Carbon technology to deliver exceptional performance:

  1. Extraordinary Long Cycle-Life
  2. Advanced Nano-Carbon Technology
  3. Compact and Installation space efficiency
  4. Large Capacity
  5. Inherently Safe

Extraordinary Long Cycle-Life

SLR-1000 battery is designed to meet the high cycle life requirements of energy storage systems. This battery is capable of delivering 5000 cycles at 70% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

Advanced Nano-Carbon Technology

The SLR-1000 features Advanced Nano-Carbon technology which allows the battery to provide exceptional cyclic performance. This technology has been deployed by GS YUASA in a variety of deep cycle, high cycle life Energy Storage applications.

Compact and Installation space efficiency

The SLR-1000 features modular unit construction and can be easily scaled up for large energy storage projects. The battery also features front facing terminals for easy maintenance.

Large capacity

The SLR-1000 battery provides very large capacity (1000Ah/cell).

Inherently Safe

The SLR-1000 is classified as a Non-Spillable, Valve regulated, Maintenance free (no topping up) battery under UN2800. The SLR-1000 is also a UL recognized system component.