Renewable Energy SLR Battery Series

SLR Batteries Advanced Nanocarbon Deep Cycle Battery

The SLR Series is designed for high cycle applications using GS Yuasa’s Advanced Lead Nanocarbon battery technology. A Nanocarbon additive accelerates the reaction of active material to reduce sulfation. This leads to increased charging efficiency, exceptional PSOC performance, and higher capacity retention over the battery life. The product utilizes GS Yuasa’s HT Element X™ for high heat, long life performance. The SLR product line provides 19 years cycle life when tested to IEC 61427. The product is suitable for back-up applications as well as deep cycle.


SLR Size and Terminal
SLR Charateristic SLR_CapacityTest

SLR1000-2 Battery Charging Efficiency

Recommended normal charging is three stage constant current.

  • Bulk:                      0.2CA (200A) MAX, Constant Current Charge up to 2.4VPC
  • Absorption:        0.1CA (100A) MAX, Constant Voltage Charge 60-90 mins
  • Float Application: Not Applicable
    • Equalization:      0.025CA (25A) MAX Constant Voltage Charge 2.8VPC for 3 hours
      • Recommended equalization charge frequency (whichever comes first):
        • Once per month or,
        • When discharge amount reaches 3.5 – 5 times of rated capacity or
        • Longer if individual cell voltages are monitored

Maximum DOD: 70%DOD/30%SOC
Recommended DOD: 50%DOD/50%SOC
Example Charge and Discharge Cycle:  Most Chargers have charging current limits on average 120A

        • Discharge condition: DOD70% (0.1CA*6h)
        • Charging condition:
          • Normal charge:
            • 0.1CA for 6h, estimated 90%SOC
          • Equalization charge:
            •  0.025CA for 2.5h after charged (to 104% of rated capacity)

Efficiency of discharge and charge:

      • Approximately 88% at normal charge condition
      • Approximately 83% at equalization charge condition.
SLR Instruction Manual
SLR Technical Overview