Advanced Lead Acid Batteries

GS Yuasa Energy Systems, Inc. (GYES) draws on the battery technologies developed by GS Yuasa, the world’s second largest battery manufacturer and one that has been in business for over 100 years.

GS Yuasa’s research has found the addition of certain materials has a beneficial impact on battery performance and battery life, especially when batteries are used in high temperatures.   The amounts of these additives are very tightly controlled in the proprietary lead alloys we specify for use in our batteries.

HT X Alloy is an example of one alloy developed by GS Yuasa which extends life in high temperature environments and is now used in many of the lead-acid battery products sold by GYES.

By controlling very trace elements in our alloys, we have achieved superior performance and extended life.

In an ongoing life study conducted in the desert southwestern by a third party testing company, after 2 years of on going use, GYES’ products still delivery 144% of their rated capacity.  Others in this test have dropped as low as 77% or have been removed from the trial.

These result are only 1 example and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your unique requirements.

SLR Technical Overview