Q: How is the GS Yuasa Energy Solutions different from others I see on the web?
A: Don’t be fooled by other brands or sellers on the web (or on Amazon)! Be assured you are getting a factory-fresh and properly maintained back-up battery for your U-Verse or FIOS phone service by ordering the GT12080-HG battery from GS Yuasa Energy Solutions Inc.  We are the sole FIOS OEM supplier.


Q: Is 3 years the standard warranty for all GS Yuasa Energy Solutions products?
A: No. Special extended warranty coverage only applies to the GT12080-HG. This great warranty offer applies only to purchases made from GS Yuasa Energy Solutions (USA) Inc. It does not apply to GYES products sold by re-sellers


Q: Is there any maintenance needed while in service or before installation?
A: No.  Each GT12080-HG battery sold by GS Yuasa Energy Solutions is shipped fully-charged from our warehouse, and once installed in your FIOS or U-Verse home network, it will be maintained by the electronics within the network device in which it is installed.


Q: Are there other applications in which the GT12080-HG battery can be used?
A: Yes, please contact us for assistance with any fitment needs other than U-Verse or FIOS applications.


Q: How to / links GT12080-HG to installation instructions.
A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NTxFbC1Rak


Q: Why do I need GT12080-HG battery for my FIOS or U-verse system?
A: The GT12080-HG battery maintains power for your VOIP home phone in case of a power outage at your service location.


Q: Are there any specific safety instructions I should follow when handling GT12080-HG battery?
A: Yes. Always wear protective gear for your eyes when working around batteries. Never allow any metal object to touch both battery terminals at once and always wash hands after handling a lead acid battery. Don’t allow children to handle the battery and always be mindful to observe proper polarity when making connections.


Q: How can I recycle my old battery?
A: Please contact Call-to Recycle at 800 822-8837 for information on recycling your GT12080-HG battery.